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15% Fee is Driving People Away From Norton

The 15% Fee is Driving People Away From Norton...I use it on two desktops but am building a miner and do not plan to use Norton with that and it will have several times more processing power...it will also send to Coinbase like Norton but without a 15% fee.

Seems like Norton would realize this ?????

Let's ask Norton to reduce that 15% fee

I like Norton and have used it for years...before many of you were born, I read Peter Norton assembly language articles in PC Magazine and was always impressed by his knowledge of computers way back then...also learned a lot...you can guess who Peter Norton is : )


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Re: 15% Fee is Driving People Away From Norton

Reply to myself but want the programmers and engineers to read...

The best engineer or programmer is 100% correct 100% of the time...perfect we call it...you can do this in programming...I did it many times in automation...you can do it but think about the problems and listen to the customers...

Think about that 100% correct 100% of the time....not much can achieve that but can be very true in programming...absolute perfection

Correct the software...lower the 15% fee a lot...you will see a lot of people coming to Norton for a safe way to crypto mine

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Re: 15% Fee is Driving People Away From Norton

I agree with you 100%.  I have been a Norton user since the 1990s, and have always felt that they were the best consumer-grade Windows-based PC security software.  From a logical standpoint, Norton entering the Ethereum mining game at the end of its life and investing so much effort into getting this system up and running does not make any sense, at not least to me.  

I am not a person who believes in illusions.  I expect for-profit companies to act in their own best interest, not the best interest of their customers.  Non-profit charities are the ones that do things that are in the best interest of those that they serve, not, for-profit companies. Norton is not a charity, so I expect them to do what is in their best interest, that puts money in their pocket.  

So, if Norton decided to release Norton Crypto, just a few months before the Ethereum crypt mine is shut down, they must have a profitable reason why they did this.  As you said, it is possible to write perfect software, if the programmer really puts the effort into it.  Obviously, Norton did not tell their programmers to put that kind of effort into Norton Crypto. Based on what I have seen so far, I would guess that the order Norton gave sounded more like this,

"Get this system off the ground NOW! Hobble it together anyway possible and apply bandaid fixes to keep it running at all cost."

It just seems to me that there was a sense of "Hurry it UP" in the rollout of Norton Crypto.  I mean, obviously, the end of ETH mining is looming around the corner, so there is a need to hurry, but the question is, Why do it at all?  That is what makes no sense, from the standpoint of Norton being a for-profit company and doing things in their best interest.  Unless, of course, you consider the 15% fee that Norton is charging.  

I don't know what Norton's plans are for the future once ETH mining ends.  Will they scuttle the whole program?  What does seem obvious to me is that their main goal was to use the processing power of millions of Norton user computers to amass as much ETH for themselves as possible before the ETH mine is closed. I agree that the 15% is ridiculous, but Norton has made it impossible for anyone running Norton to use any other mining software, so if you want to mine crypto, you either have to get rid of Norton and run security risk, or you use their system and pay the 15% "PROTECTION" fee.  

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