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200mb live update?

Is a 200mb live update unusual or is it normal?

I have over 200 days left on my subcription, the last time I ran live update was yesterday( It's almost always the first thing I do once my computer has started up), I have the latest version of NIS(I did a new verion check right before I posted)

When I open NIS everything seems normal. It's not telling me my computer is at risk. I've tried rebooting, I ran a quick scan to see if it worked and to see if it could find anything. Everything ran as it should and all if found was tracking cookies.



Re: 200mb live update?

Hi, BingMan. It's unusual, but it does sometimes happen. As I understand it, it is sometimes because of a problem with the Live Update download, and so it downloads the whole definition database, instead of an incremental one.

It's only if it happens often, that you need be concerned.

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Re: 200mb live update?

Hello BingMan

If you look at History on the main page, click on History ---> Security History  ---> Live Update. If you see any Live Updates that are a different color than the usual blue, that would indicate that 1 or more  of the updates failed to install properly. What happens usually then is that it tries to do the updates over again within a short period of time or sometimes about an hour later... As time goes on, these updates do grow in size also and there may be additional ones also. As was mentioned, if the antivirus definition update fails to install the first time, it will download and install all the antivirus definitions instead of just the new ones since the last antivirus update. Hope this explains it a little more fully and thanks for reading.

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