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2014 browser ad dons and setting changes

Ok so excited now that I'm a 2014er
But I do have some questions maybe you guys and gals can help me with
As far as NIS settings I'll leave them at default except I changed boot time to aggressive and the other thing is scheduled full system scan. Is that what most people do ?
Now in my IE browser I see the following norton/Symantec items
Tool bar version 2014.7.6.15
Identity protection 2014.7.6.15
Are these the correct ones ?
I also see vulnerability disabled but I understand that is how it should be
How can I check the version of vulnerability protection if it is not in the browser?


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Re: 2014 browser ad dons and setting changes

Hi, Calls. You might want to also uncheck Automatic Download of New Version in Settings/Computer/Updates so you don't get a version that's still having bugs ironed out.

I'd also encourage you to familiarise yourself with the other settings options, and tailor them to your own preference.

The Toolbar and NIP numbers you have, are current.

You can check in Recent History under Intrusion Prevention for the latest definitions batch number, but now the vulnerability add on is injected into the browser, and doesn't show details.

This thread answers some questions re the way extensions will operate in the future.


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