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360 and NPROTECT Files

When I installed 360 2.0, I had to uninstall NIS 2008. No problem there.

With NIS, however, there were NPROTECT files in the recycle bin for each drive. 360 doesn't (apparently) use NPROTECT.

Yet, during disk defrag, I happened to notice that there were NPROTECT files on my C: drive. I emptied the Recycle bin and started defrag again.

This time I noticed that there were NPROTECT files on each of my drives (C:\recycler\nprotect, E:\recycler\nprotect, etc.) that were being defragged.

Are they left over from NIS 2008?

If 360 put them there, why don't they go away when I empty the Recycle bin?

How can I get rid of them?



Re: 360 and NPROTECT Files

hi brandon - i think nprotect is part of the protected recycle bin from systemworks - do you have (or have had) that installed? i'm pretty sure that if systemworks is involved, only systemworks can eliminate those files.



Re: 360 and NPROTECT Files

I had SystemWorks 2007 installed, but I had to also uninstall it when I installed 360. Looks like the uninstall didn't catch everything.

Re: 360 and NPROTECT Files

NPOROTECT is from the Norton Protected Recycle Bin from Norton Utilities (Norton SystemWorks in this case).  It looks like the uninstall MSI was unable to completely remove the NPROTECT folder.  Since you no longer have Norton SystemWorks installed, you would be perfectly safe in deleting the contents of the folder.  The Norton Protected Recycle Bin was a part of the old unerase technology in NSW.  I would rely on the backup component for protecting files. 


Re: 360 and NPROTECT Files

Thanks, Eric! I never thought about opening the Recycle Bin. There was a NSW 2007 folder. I closed the Recycle Bin and emptied it, and the folder was gone.

I rebooted, and it still wasn't there.

I'd emptied the Recycle Bin many times before, but the folder evidently remained there. The only thing I can think of is that I ran SYMNRT 2008 to see if that would get rid of the file. I had to reinstall NSR 2.0 and 360 2.0, but Antibot remained installed ... so did the NSW 2007 folder in Recycle.

Apparently, there was some part of NSW 2007 still installed that was "protecting" the folder in the recycle bin before I ran SYMNRT?

After running SYMNRT, it was interesting that when I reinstalled 360 it recognized that it had been installed before and didn't require reentry of the key. NSR, however, did require reentry of the key.

Whatever ... the folder is gone. And thanks again.

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