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360 not fully starting up


on upgrading to windows 10 we have noticed that on initial start up that 360 on one of our PCs does not start up fully - well it may do as the icon in the task tray shows a green tick but we are unable to access the main control screen to check settings etc. Running version

If we undertake a restart it is fine and loads okay.

We have uninstalled and installed via the Norton Remove and reinstall app.

Anyone else experiencing this issue



Accepted Solution

Re: 360 not fully starting up

hi Kev

Many programs including Norton do not work properly with Windows Fast Start-up turned on as they need a complete shutdown at times to do so. This does not affect the programs all the time but may cause problems from time to time.

It is best to turn off the Fast Start-up feature in Windows 8.1/10 which appears to be set on as default when Windows 10 installs, if you have not done so already.


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