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360 v 2.0 Auto-scan schedule?

I like the 2.0 product. I want to set scans to run manual. When I set every setting that I can find to manual, v. 2.0 still seems to auto scan on start up or at various times of the day. How can I tell if a scan is in progress?  I finally gave up and set everything back to auto scan and backup..Is there any way to know the auto scan / backup schedule? When are the typical scan times?  I understand that the computer must 'be on'. Does 'standby' qualify as 'on'? With 1.0, I had scans and backups set to manual. The reason is because I only have 512 Ram, and my pc runs slowly when set to auto.  I started rebooting before bed time, in order to give it enough time to scan. In other words, I'm leaving my pc on 24/7 now..I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.  Would it help to set scans to 'weekly'? Would this stop the random auto scans?



Re: 360 v 2.0 Auto-scan schedule?

Hi juking,

I suspect that the scan that is causing what you are noticing is likely Automatic LiveUpdate (ALU). In the LiveUpdate applet within the Control Panel, you can customize the settings for ALU (on the ALU tab) using the Update Frequency setting. After LiveUpdate runs, it will always do a quick scan if virus definitions are applied, so you would have both the ALU session and a quick scan running every four hours by default. I think if you readjust the settings you managed before along with the ALU settings, you'll be able to minimize the performance impact of the tasks.

You can also download a widget for Norton 360 V2, which will give you more visibility to the scan algorithm, as they are quite different than in the other Norton products.

Let us know if these steps fail to address your concerns.



Re: 360 v 2.0 Auto-scan schedule?

If you have new files and set up backup, it will run about every 4 hours to ensure everything get's saved.

Like what Matt stated, the scan that is probably running for you is Automatic Liveupdate.

If you really want to see the process that is running, if go to task manager and see AUpdate than it is our liveupdate feature.

If you see scanstub.exe, then it is those scheduled scans running


Re: 360 v 2.0 Auto-scan schedule?

Thanks, for the quick response. Sounds like the 'widget' may be what I'm looking for!

I couldn't find the 'ALU tab'. I went to 'Quick controls', and disabled auto live update. Now it shows a 'fix' issue with a 'red x'.   I will try downloading the 'widget'. sage Edited by juking on 04-14-2008 06:13 PM

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