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360 version of VPN not working for WIN 10

Using Norton 360 Premium

Win 10 Home

"Connection Error: Secure VPN has experienced a connection failure. Please try again later." 

 I have uninstalled and tried all of the fix suggestions on the  help section within the application... The only one I've struggled to follow is the  "Surf Easy certificates"  one because I cant find any of these certificates in the locations idendified... The help section doesn't say what to do if they are not there...

FYI I have an android device which works with the VPN over the same network, but none of my WIN 10 devices work with it... all four of them have the same connection error above and have never worked since it was installed

Any ideas?


Accepted Solution
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Re: 360 version of VPN not working for WIN 10

Hello I had this problem but found   that the Web Safe App on virgin media was blocking it, when I turned it off the VPN connected straight away.

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Re: 360 version of VPN not working for WIN 10

Hi Philip   perfect!!!

I'm not with Virgin but checked my broadband supplier and sure enough there was a similar app.. turned it off and boom VPN working a treat..

FYI I then found there were customisable settings rather than turn it off completely so I went for selective disabling so as not to lose all of the protection available.. still works with the reduced settings 

Norton really ought to add this to their FAQ's in the app... I imagine this one crops up alot...

Thanks so much for taking the time to post...