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8 Character Limit?

I usually use 12 - 13 characters for my passwords, especially financial-related web-sites.  When I use the vault it did not send the right password.  When I 'show' the password it displays the correct 13-characters, but when I 'hide' it, only 8 dots appear.  Is it sending only the first (or last) 8 characters.  If so, is there a setting (or fix) to change that?


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Re: 8 Character Limit?

eight dots is normal for all passwords .... no worries.  


Re: 8 Character Limit?

when I 'hide' it, only 8 dots appear.

Possibly to confuse any potential 'over-the-shoulder' lookers!

But if it is not inserting right password, make sure the URL saved in ID safe is correct and password has no blank space at the end.

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