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92 days left on sub, moving to a new product after that

9 months ago i purchased a year subscription to Norton security. I think it has by far been a  waste of money and I feel like I've paid for a headache more than anything else. Norton security constantly hogs up my disk to the point that I can't get programs to load. I have tried googling this and tried many different solutions all to no luck at all. When I try to contact norton support I'm either directed to the FAQ page which has NOTHING about this problem or I am sent to a crappy chat window with extremely loud notification sounds to tell me I have so much time left on queue only to end up that the support team is overloaded. 



Re: 92 days left on sub, moving to a new product after that


1st, which operating system are you using? Windows 8 or newer? If so, there are two workarounds you can try:

Remember to update your Norton to its latest version - this ensures your Norton is fully compatible with your system especially the latest build of Windows 10.

Restart your OS to make updates take effect.

If your annoyance continues, plz check your programs list for other conflicting security program. Make the best of this KB so you can completely remove that item you find.

2nd, as for Norton Support, have you ever met any specific error code (e.g., "8504, 104", "8506, 421", etc.) while using Norton Security? If so, that code can typically help address your issue fast.

And, when it comes to Norton online chat, you may make a phone call instead.

For more info, plz pay a visit to this page.

Thanks and luck... :)

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