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This forum thread needs a solution.

About Norton's Firewall blocking my internet communication.

I'm currently using Norton Internet Security software in my laptop. At this afternoon, I was still able to access the wi-fi in my University but when I get back to my house, I was unable to access the internet anymore.
I diagnosed the problem and it stated that Norton Internet Security Firewall is blocking my internet communication and doesn't allow me to access any webpage or software that require internet to be accessed.
Please help, I have to turn off my Firewall to seek for solution for this headache problem. If I don't, I can't even access to this forum or even Google.



Re: About Norton's Firewall blocking my internet communication.

Hello Memorable

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Please check your network at home and make sure your ip has changed to your home network. Also make sure your browser is allowed into your firewall at home. If that doesn't work, you can try a fresh install of your program using the remove and reinstall tool.



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