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...access chronod on your computer?


I keep getting a message from Norton saying The computer "example using numbers and letters" is attempting to access chronod on your computer....." Should I Allow or Block?




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Re: ...access chronod on your computer?

Did you see:

Caveat: I'm not Mac user

fwiw ~
Configure Connection Blocking settings on Mac

Fix repeated Application Blocking alerts from Norton for Mac

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Re: ...access chronod on your computer?

I got the same pop-up and it appears it is a dangerous file / a credential stealer according to a reddit thread.

Re: ...access chronod on your computer?

Resolve repeated Norton 360 “chronod” pop-up appearing on Mac


Re: ...access chronod on your computer?

My problem is that I clicked "Always block" before I read any of these articles. Now, my external hard drive won't connect. How do I unblock it? NOTE: My Advanced > Firewall > Settings lists only Application Blocking, Vulnerability Protection, and Location Awareness. There is no Connection Blocking option as described in the article.