accessability disabled message on app

windows 10 pc

Samsung galaxy S22 android phone

Getting this error message on phone app - "accessibility disabled" message on app

says to: Turn on Norton Password Manager to autofill your website login fields

then there is a SETUP button -unsure what am I setting up -been a norton user for years

when I select the setup button

it takes me to accessibility screen -UNSURE WHY

I think I already have two step authentication installed so unsure why getting this message

where is the submit button on  this help screen - not intuitive

please help

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Accepted Solution

Re: accessability disabled message on app

In order to use autofill on Norton Password Manager you must turn on the accessibility feature for the app.

Just follow the directions as it takes you to feature and turn it on. If you do not turn it on you cannot use the autofill.

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