!Accessibility Disabled

Norton is installed on my Samsung S20 smartphone. Norton Password Manager is turned on.



Accessibility Version

Norton Password Manager Version

Norton 360 Version


When I open the vault this appears on the screen


<Orange triangle with an “!” in it>.

Accessibility Disabled

Turn on Norton Password Manager to autofill your website's login fields



Setup takes me to an <Accessibility page

I see nothing which addresses Norton Password Manager.

What is it telling me? How do I make this message disappear?



Accepted Solution
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Re: !Accessibility Disabled

In Android Settings > Accessibility, look for Installed Services. Tap on the Norton Password Manager Service and turn it on.

If you had already done this and the service keeps getting turned off, check in Android Settings for any battery optimisations. Turn off any optimisation for all Norton apps and test.


Re: !Accessibility Disabled

Thanks. The solution is obvious, once it's explained to me. 


Re: !Accessibility Disabled

Good news. Glad I could help.

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