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Account renewal price vs Sale Offer Price


My Norton 360 is due for renewal and I notice there's a Sale offer on at the moment - £5 off, £24.99 instead of £29.99.

But when I go to My Account page to renew, I'm only offered the higher renewal price.

Is this Sale Offer price only for new customers? Is that still legal?



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Re: Account renewal price vs Sale Offer Price

You are correct that the pricing you see on the Norton web site is for a new user.

Norton uses a pricing policy like many other subscription service providers such as cable TV, and other communication companies. New customers get a 'promotional' price to sign up, but the renewal is at the 'current retail' price. Totally legal.

At least Norton allows a work around for this. Be sure you have gone into your Norton Account and turned off automatic renewal for your current subscription. If you are happy with the price Norton is offering you can go ahead and purchase the new subscription from Norton. Be aware that the subscription time starts when Norton accepts your payment. And you would lose the remaining time on your current subscription. So what you need to do is contact Norton Support and ask them to add the time from your new subscription key to your current subscription.   If using the chat option, as soon as you are able to enter any information, enter "agent please" to get out of the chat bot and connected to a human.


Re: Account renewal price vs Sale Offer Price

Thanks for the quick reply.

I already switched off auto renewal a few weeks ago, and I've now found Norton 360 for £10.47, so I'll go that route and enter the product key - which I always used to do in past years.

Best wishes.


Re: Account renewal price vs Sale Offer Price

I never knew this was a thing.  Do you continue with the same account or do you lose your account with the passwords and backup files when you enter a new product key?  



Re: Account renewal price vs Sale Offer Price

No, you keep the account - you open My Norton and sign in to your account. Go to Device Security > Open to open the Norton 360 window, and then click on Help. Enter the product key in the Account Information part at bottom right of the Help Center window. 

I've done this  a few times in the past, but not last year because Norton's special offer price was as cheap as I could get.

Not sure if you lose some days this way, but could ring Norton to ask them to adjust. I'd not bother and just wait until a couple days before the renewal date.

Presume this will work the same this year but will report back - my renewal isn't due until 1 December.

Hope this helps.


Re: Account renewal price vs Sale Offer Price

Thank you so much for sharing.  Even if I lose a few days, at 40% of the cost, I'm still ahead.  I was thinking of cancelling next year, but this is a much better option. 


Re: Account renewal price vs Sale Offer Price

A new Norton Product Key will require you to push that new key to each device manually, I think.

Renew the old key, and the update is seamless.

The cost of that convenience is about +US$20

But if you click on the "additional 20% discount" prompt during renewal, the price goes up a lot more that if you had not selected it! 

Just my $0.02


Re: Account renewal price vs Sale Offer Price


Yes that's what I've done in the past, but this time I updated my three machines as follows.

On my 'main' device, tried the obvious route, ie Sign In to Account, then go to Enter Product Key on the Help Center part of Norton 360.

After entering the Key, I get an error message - "Before you can start using your Norton subscription with this new key, we'll need some
additional information to register it. Please enroll at (-2027)".

So I follow the link and arrive at my account subscription details with only the option to renew at the Norton price (no sign of an option to continue just using the key I'd purchased separately).

So, I logged out completely and went directly to Signed in and from the two available options (Download and Enter a Product Key) I selected the latter.

Entered the Product Key, Payment Details page appeared with my Paypal info correctly displayed. Ticked the Agreement info and clicked OK.

Display showed Downloading, followed by Validating, and finally Installing. This all took less than a minute.

A final message confirmed Norton successfully installed and activated.

For my other devices, still on the 'main' system, opened Norton 360 and clicked on Install on Another Device.
In the Protect Another Device window, clicked on Copy Link. Clicked the Copy button and retrieved the generated link from the Clipboard. Sent this link to the other devices.

On the other devices, pasted the link into a browser and followed the instructions to download and install - again less than a minute's work.

So, a bit of a faff. Maybe a bit easier than entering the key at each device, esp if you don't want to send the key to somebody else.

Can't understand for the life of me why you don't seem to be able to enter the new product key at 'account level' and do the whole thing in one place. Maybe the original link from the error message wasn't working properly. Or maybe Norton just want to you give in and sign up at their renewal price?

Sorry about the long post. Hope it helps somebody else.

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