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Acessing backup files via URL

Hi all,

I have discovered this morning that I can no longer access my backed-up files remotely, using another device and the Norton Backup URL.......the files are originally backed-up using the Backup feature on Norton 360.

Apparently this additional feature of Norton 360 is end of line and no longer supported?

However, after half an hour of incredibly frustrating Norton chat and telephone "support", I am no clearer as to whether the alternative Norton Online Backup product offers this feature.

Online chat told me 'No, Norton do not have any product which offers this'. I found this difficult to believe and resorted to telephone. The chap on the other end of the phone confirmed that Norton 360 no longer offers this feature, but seemed vague as to whether Online Backup would.

First he told me that Online Back-up would NOT facilitate URL access to my back-up files, which is a big requirement for me as I travel often and need occasional access to personal files from office laptops at various sites......but when I then asked him to confirm that I would then need to go to another provider to meet that specific requirement, he said "depends on your requirement".

At that point I screamed and hung up.

Can anyone confirm that Norton offers a product that will allow me to access my personal back-up files via URL from any machine anywhere in the world, e.g. sitting in an internet café and I want to access a backed-up file.

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Re: Acessing backup files via URL

If you are referring to accessing your backed up files online, you just need to log into your Norton Account at   https://my.norton.com  Click on Backup tab at the top of the page and your backups will be available for download from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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