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Activate Online Storage

Have Norton 360 along w/ an account.  I want to backup my files, but the program tells me that I need to first activate my secure online storage.  When I click on the option to active I get an error message saying "Failed to activate your online storage."  

What steps need to be taken in order to activate my online storage so I can backup my files??

Thanks in advance,



Re: Activate Online Storage

HI Marshall and Linda Ross,

You did not mention which version of Norton 360 you have, but providing that information may help (Open Main User Interface > Help > About).  It would also be beneficial to know the computer's operating system.

Until we know that, my only question is, are you logged into your Norton Account when you attempt to activate the online storage?


"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow

Re: Activate Online Storage

Hi @Phill_D,

I have a similar problem with NSwB After choosing what files/folders to back up and clicked on Save Settings, I  had a "Cannot connect to the Norton server / An unexpected browser error has occurred" message, followed by "Failed to activate your online storage."

While NSwB is working fine through all the live updates and it tells me that I have the latest version, I cannot sign in. I have changed the default browser from Chrome to Edge to IExplorer, restarting every time - to no avail.

After signing in to manage.norton.com, I see my computer listed among the other devices running NSwB, but I cannot pass the "unexpected browser error" screen. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Alex.


Re: Activate Online Storage

Hi Alex,

Let me just review a few basics which you can check.

  1. In order to use the online storage, your NSBU product must be activated.  Is your product showing as activated?
  2. The first time you set up the online storage you should be prompted to sign in to your Norton Account. Have you be able to do that?
  3. In order to use Norton online storage, the Network Cost Awareness option in the Firewall Settings must be set to No Limit. Can you check that?

Let us know. Thanks!

"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow

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