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Activation is not in my account name


hope this all makes sense.  I have a 3PC 2yr  license with 500+ days remaining.  I have two sons.  one with desktop and one with laptop.  I am about to install final allowance onto laptop.  If i sign into my account  there is no product showing ( I am aware this may be because it is a downloaded / emailed license - unless this is wrong...please let me know??).  also the account email defaults to an unknown name and i have to change it to my own name.  This happens every time I am asked to log in to my account.  I cannot log into the unknown name account as i have not got a corresponding password.  The result of all this is that although I have a valid subscription and product code I cannot see my number of activations remaining and I am also worried that the current activation is not personal to me and my main PC account.

Before installing on the laptop I would like to make sure the main account is safe.

Could anyone help?




Re: Activation is not in my account name


When you first activated the product on your desktop and laptop, did you enter your valid norton account details and only then it was activated?

Also try to login to your Norton Account through this direct link : https://www.mynortonaccount.com/amsweb/default.do

and just check if that works for you and shows your installations(Only if you activated your product on desktop and laptop using your valid NA).

Let me know if that worked.




Re: Activation is not in my account name

Thanks for the quick reply.

I can log into my account ok but it is empty.

I will try to clarify what happened over the yrs.  it may point to the issue.

I have been a norton user since 2001 ish.

I had several trials then purchased the product.

Then one product I installed got  cancelled after a few months.

So without giving details at the moment of accounts. 

I have my original email and password with several purchases trilas and cancelled activation - Account 1 if you like.

I then purchased a new norton and set up a new account with new e-mail address and password - Account 2. 

Then I installed the new norton and all was fine and then this ran out after 2 yrs ( i had no cause at that time to go into the account to check if the product had registered to any of the accounts).  The I installed the latest 2yr/3pc version and  again all has been fine for 200 days and there are currently no issues.  But whenever i try to log into my account it defaults to[Removed](this may be normal but worries me) and I have to change it to my account (1 or 2)  to get into my account

So  i have my old account full of previous products plus a cancelled one.  My new account with no products showing despite two products being installed since opening it and no way of knowing what the norton activation database is showing.  I was hoping to be able to reset everything to a new activation with my current product to stop the default email address appearing (hopefully) and possibly show my product details

I understand that sometimes a product may not show so there may be nothing to worry about but it all seeems odd.


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