Add a download manager for large updates

Some of us out here are still in the stone age and have dial up Internet connections.   Being able to download a large update would be grate it it could be interfaced with something like the free program "Free Download Manager".

I spent 7 hours last night trying to download something that was 66 MB.  It wasn't the new version, just an update.    It was almost complete when it came up with "update failed".   This is not the first time it has happened.   A couple of times I've left my computer run after going to bed only to find my ISP timed out and I lost almost 77MB after having it over 1/2 done.

An independent download manager would be a tremendous help.    McAfee has a download manager, but it is hooked to the program and half of the time it doesn't work.   But then half the time McAfee didn't work itself so why would their download manager.