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Add Norton Security to USB drive

I am running Norton Security (version on Windows 10 Pro.   I have another desktop computer that got a virus before I just purchased my Norton Security.  Am I able to download the .exe file for Norton Security on to a USB drive and then load it to my infected computer (which I have disconnected from the internet)?   I have the infected computer disconnected from the internet because the virus tries to do destruction when I have the internet connected, so I'd like to download the executable file to a USB drive from my "Good" computer and then load Norton Security, from the USB drive, to the infected computer.   Is this possible?   If so, where can I find the executable file online using my good computer?

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Re: Add Norton Security to USB drive


Norton will want to connect as soon as it's installed and you will need your Norton account details handy.

Normally I would recommend downloading from http://my.norton.com because that would automatically activate.

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