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Add Program to Exclude List

I can't recall how to add a program to the list of programs that will not be scanned for threats (and I find that finding these kinds of things from the Norton Help capability impossible). Can someone remind me how?





Re: Add Program to Exclude List

1/ Open Device Security

2/ Settings

3/ Antivirus

4/ Scans and Risks


Re: Add Program to Exclude List

~ adding to xjoex:
Maybe, you're looking at My Norton window.  
Please switch to Norton 360 Classic view.

If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open
calls Norton 360 Classic view

Please review: 
Switch between the My Norton window and Classic view

From Norton tray icon -> click Open Norton 360 aka Classic view

Open My Norton for My Norton window 
Open Norton 360 for Classic view

Settings from tray icon opens My Norton Settings
Settings from Classic view opens Norton 360 Settings

Configure Exclusions/Low Risks settings

Exclusions / Low Risks options lets you exclude disks, folders, and files from risk and Auto-Protect scans. It provides a way for you to exclude known and safe files or application that are detected as a low-security risk.

Excluding low-risk items from scans reduces your protection and should be used only if you have a specific need.

Please review:

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