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Adding Date to Kudos!

When someone gives a Kudos! to a Post, the number "1" comes up.  You can then Click on this "1" to see which User gave the Kudos!.  Why put the Date when you User Kudoed the Post...

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Re: Adding Date to Kudos!

You could probably add: Why have the ability to sort under sorting 'Kudos' as only one person can give a Kudos to another person per message.

I would suspect that the ability to sort by Date is a feature that was written into the forum with the fore thought that each individual Kudos would be accompanied by the date that the Kudos was applied to the message while viewing under the Date sorter.  

However I could be completely wrong in which case this message should be deleted forthwith 

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Re: Adding Date to Kudos!

There are about 3 forces working here.

  • The Kudos interface was more complicated and detailed in an early version.  The 'simplifcation' left things in the interface like the 'sort by' options and the now infamous 'Expert' tab that does nothing. 
  • Also consider that many of the screens are set up so that they 'can be' (note: I didn't say 'are') used in a modular fashion.  For example: reviewing kudos by board or even user grouping.
  • Preparation. In some cases things have been included for 'future use'.  Sometime this Spring a software update will be making things much more modular.

FYI- It looks like Kudos are indeed stored with a date/time value, we will just have to wait for the UI update to find out how we can use it.

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