Adding Norton 360 to my iPhone

I’ve been hesitant to add my Norton 360 with Lifelock to my iPhone. Because..on my PC or laptop it constantly is wanting to run a scan or live update etc. I know my Apple iPhone has Very good if not exceptional Security but does not have VPN which is something I’d like on my phone. Plus the added security. Just wondering from those of you using Norton on your iPhone has caused any PITA issues. Any responses greatly appreciated. Thank you. ☮️



Re: Adding Norton 360 to my iPhone

There is no malware protection in Norton 360 on an IOS device. See this article from howtogeek . com for an explanation of why it is not necessary.


As you have an active 360 subscription, you can install just the standalone Norton Secure VPN app from the Apple Store App. Sign into your Norton account during the installation process and it should pick up your 360 subscription to activate just the VPN app.

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