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Adding OnlineFamily.Norton servers to proxy server

Forgive me if my post seems sharp - but I have been trying to get this system to work for 3 days, spending 4 - 6 hours a day.

I finally think I found the problem - but tech issue section did not state "HOW" to do this - there seems to be an assumption that an end user knows how to do the explanations give in the tech support section.

How do you add onlineFamily.Norton to the exception list?

Need help very, very soon.  Grandson coming home in 4 hours and I need this running!!

thanks, Granny 7



Re: Adding OnlineFamily.Norton servers to proxy server

Hello Granny 7,

I am sorry to hear that you are encountering difficulty with OnlineFamily.Norton.  You may find out how to add norton.com here:


However, it should be noted that norton.com(which is all you need to whitelist in order to access onlinefamily.norton.com) is already included as an exception by default.  If you follow the instruction above, do you not see it already located in 'Specific websites to allow'?

Also, will your grandson be using your own computer?  If so, have you created a Limited or Standard User Account for the child?  If you have not, please consider doing so.  You may follow these instructions:


Finally, once you have a separate Windows User Account for the child, you will need to successfully join that account with his profile within the Web Portal.  Please take the following steps to accomplish this:


Please let us know if this addresses your issue and if not, how we may assist you further.



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