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Additional install on Mac

I have Norton 360 on my Imac, good for 3 installs, and want to install it on a new Macbook Air.

I can get to the account where I am asked to click on download, but whenever I do, all I get is a window with a lot of gibberish and no "Open file" link.

Am I doing something wrong?



Re: Additional install on Mac

I'm only finding Norton Antivirus for MAC or Norton Internet Security for MAC.  N360 does not list MAC under system requirements, so I'm not sure how it's working on your Imac.

Edit for new info:

Have you installed the  N360 Beta?  You may find more info on this on the beta forum.  It is not recommended to install betas on production machines unless you have an image to go back to if it is unstable on your system.


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Re: Additional install on Mac

You're likely getting a window with a lot of gibberish, because the download is for a Windows PC, and the Mac browser doesn't know how to handle Windows executables.

As far as I know, there's no version of Norton 360 for Mac, beta or otherwise.  You may want to check the product's About window and see what's actually installed on your iMac.

If you are running Windows on your Mac (either from the Boot Camp partition, or on a virtual machine), you'll need to download Norton 360 from within Windows for the download to be handled properly.

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