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Additional Norton Core features

Norton Core R&D,

I'm really impressed with the security features of the Norton Core, especially the ability to select categories per user.

Please consider adding these features, to make your product more competitive:

1. In Settings > Mobile App > Notifications > Blocked Category Notifications,

    1a) add an option for category "Advertising", so that we don't get a notification every time an Ad is blocked

2. Option to alert on a category hit, instead of just blocking it.  This would be extremely helpful for the "Uncategorized" category.

3. Daily/weekly/monthly reporting via email/PDF, so that parents can see stats on top categories, bandwidth per category, list of blocked domains, malware/bot C&C events, etc.

4. Ability to selectively disable 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi radios, or even disable Wi-Fi altogether.  Since the Core supports setup via Bluetooth, it shouldn't be hard for owners to re-enable Wi-Fi via that method or cellular.

5. Ability to pick custom DNS services, such the IPs of OpenDNS, IBM Quad9, etc.