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Advertising in ALL Norton Products & Services

I have several Norton products in the Windows 10 OS and on several iOS platforms.  In all of the products, and by email, i get "Marketing" daily for Products I am not using, for Features in Products I use but have not installed, and even for Products or Features I use and still have unused active licenses for.  ENOUGH!!!  I have the technology to use to get work done,  not to read Marketing pop-ups all day and stop to read them and try to figure out if any are something I need to be concerned about. 

For example, I got one recently "To Buy" Norton Utilities Ultimate and spent time trying to figure out how it differed from Norton Utilities Premium, which I already have.  In running this down, I found no differences in the products from the product pages I looked at.  I also found that for the past two years I have been billed for the Premium product even though it was included as an add-on service included in my Norton Security Premium subscription.  I cancelled the Norton Utilities Premium paid license yesterday only to get a message today saying that Norton Utilities Premium is being discontinued at the end of the license; being replaced by Norton Utilities Ultimate.  I didn't fully understand the the Norton message I got today, but I thought that it was saying that If I didn't have  paid Norton Utilities Premium license at the end of the current period, it might affect my getting Norton Utilities Ultimate.  I took that to mean the price would be different.  Running all of this down and writing this issue report has burned a lot of my time... and this is from one Notification that arrived through Windows 10 when I sat down to do some work on my computer.

How do I stop the Norton Marketing notifications in at least Norton Security Premium  (Including browser extensions and whatever is comparable that Norton will force me too in 02/2022), Norton Utilities 'X', and My Norton on the webb.  Norton used to ask from time to time how I wanted to receive Marketing information.  As I recall it was by postal mail; so I could look at it at my leisure.  Now, it is always in my face and when I am trying to get things done... for me!

The only alternative I have found is to cut-bait with Norton, and find an alternative vendor... even though I have been using Norton products since the first year Peter Norton sold his first Norton Utilities product.

Bewildered and Exhausted