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Advice about downloading Norton 360 5.0 Premium

I had Norton 360 which expires today. I purchased and downloaded Norton 360 5.0 Premium a couple of days ago. Downloaded (with much help from tech support since the download button didn't work properly!) to 2 computers. Son has to download to his laptop. His modem is broken (don't ask!) so can't do anything yet as he can't access internet. Someone told me he still has protection since he has the old Norton 360 and it doesn't disappear, he just won't get any updates. Is this correct?

He may have to go to a non-secure place to download the new Norton 360 Premium. Or should he just wait and will he have any protection when he turns on his laptop?



Re: Advice about downloading Norton 360 5.0 Premium

Hi, veramay,

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Yes, as you have heard, your son's laptop will  still be protected by his Norton software with whatever definitions and updates he had downloaded before the subscription expired.

[Edit: from Prasanna's reply, this may no longer be the case: it would appear that this has changed since the "old days" (I've been a Norton user for over 20 years) without my noticing, since I haven't had my subscription expire. That would also explain a few things I've seen on other threads here since I started voluneering that seemed odd. While my first thought was that such a change would be ethically problematic (depriving the user of something they had, after all, already paid for), it may have been changed in conjunction with the policy that now entitles each licensed user to free major version upgrades that occur during the subscription period (which also wasn't the case back when I first started using Norton). Together, those two changes would amount to switching from buying a license to use a product, in a given form, and then treating the subscription to new definitions as a separate product, to buying a subscription to use a service (Norton protection) for a given term. Since the product in a given form becomes useless fairly quickly once updates stop (since new threats are invented every day), a strong argument can be made that this actuually provides a better service to the user--for example, the subscription you just purchased will entitle you--on all three computers--to upgrade to the much more sophisticated 2012 detection engine in Norton 360 v.6 when it comes out of Beta testing in a few months...all free of charge.]

As to downloading the new version...the thing to understand about "unsecure" public Wi-Fi is that an unscrupulous individual with a few simple tools could monitor the exchange of traffic for information like logins (userID and password, for example to a Norton Account), credit card information, or other personally identifying information without having to bust any encryption (other than maybe https:). If no such information is being exchanged, then there is really very little threat--especially with Norton 360's intrusion prevention running in a reasonably current configuration (which sounds like his circumstances).

So if you can't copy the installation file you downloaded to a thumbdrive for your son to install that way, as Prasanna suggests, unless you can think of something like that that would be required, it probably makes a lot of sense for him to go to a Starbucks or Panera or other location with free public Wi-Fi to do the download (http://www.norton.com/n360p_5). While it will be necessary to type in the Product Key that you received with your Norton 360 Premier in order to activate it, if that were to become compromised, you would likely see no effects at all--because this sounds like the third of three installations to which your subscription entitles you (meaning that a thief trying to use that Key to activate their own Norton--a "fourth installation"--would be unable to). I'd just suggest, if you have any security concerns, that you communicate that Product Key to him by other means, before he goes to the public site, so he doesn't have to log in from there (although frankly there is little threat there either).


Re: Advice about downloading Norton 360 5.0 Premium


First thing i wanted to ask his, you said you downloaded it to two of your machine, you don't have that installation file and can it be transferred to your Son through some USB devices.

Regarding the protection after expiration, we will have few limited functions working and rest other settings would be disabled/blocked. Regarding Firewall, that would not protect you like before and regarding the virus and spyware definitions, no Live Update would run and so you cannot get the latest definitions installed after expiration.

Last one is, your old product is not a premier edition? If no, then he will have to download the installer file from a different place(since he cannot access not through broken modem) and have to install it in his laptop and again for activation he will again need internet connection but he will be fully protected with the 30 days trial and will have time for 30 days to repair his modem. If yes, he can just renew the product with the latest product key directly on his machine using the Account tab on main UI and run Live Update to get the latest version of N360 5.0 and again even this needs internet connection.



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