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This forum thread needs a solution.

Adw Cleaner being seen and deleted by Norton?

Norton does not deal with certain adware software that can hijack your browser and show unwanted adds, AdwCleaner can and does this very successfully, so I have always used and recommended this. On one machine with the exact same Norton security (same code number etc.,) it has no problem with AdwCleaner, but on another it keeps deleting it, until I have no choice but to switch Norton off, to allow Adw Cleaner to download and install, to get rid of an annoying piece of adware that Norton is incapable of dealing with!




Re: Adw Cleaner being seen and deleted by Norton?

Please do not take this comment personally, as from your post we have no way of knowing your experience level with computers and malware.

AdwCleaner is considered as an advanced tool used at the free malware removal sites we recommend here. As an advanced tool, it is usually recommended to be used by, or under the supervision of users experienced in malware removal.

Having said that, other users have reported issues running AdwCleaner. Knowing why may be a question you could ask at one of the free sites we recommend for malware removal.



Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Adw Cleaner being seen and deleted by Norton?

I am an advanced user I would suggest, not a programmer by a long way but did dabble many years ago in programing and did programme cnc equipment long before it was as easy at it appears today. Thanks for the reply but it does not come close to answering my question.

Re: Adw Cleaner being seen and deleted by Norton?

FWIW ~ pulled adwcleaner_5.016.exe from ToolsLib

Norton has given this file a good rating.
VirusTotal report <here>.


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