Is the agkn cookie malicious?

when I google this agkn, it seems to pull up a little about a trojan

But when I run agkn.com through safeweb, the site shows not a threat

it seems this cookie comes up when I go to the home page I have set, which is yahoo.com

if I I delete the cookie, then go from there to any other website the cookie seems not to return

anyone know if this is malicious?



Re: Is the agkn cookie malicious?

Cookies are text files that can only be read by the site that sets them.  They can't do any damage, so the term "malicious" is not usually applied to cookies.  If this is a tracking cookie, the worst it can do is to allow agkn to remember you as a previous visitor whenever you go to a site that loads content from agkn.com.

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