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This forum thread needs a solution.


The operation of the "Alerts" process is obscure and deficient.

I receive some alerts on an almost daily basis, eg:

"Your child has turned off permissions for Norton Family to monitor their Android device. Turn on permissions to continue monitoring that device."

Now - what are these repeated msgs trying to say?   Does it mean that on a daily basis my child is taking action to turn off permissions?    Or does it mean that the permissions that were turned off originally remain "turned off".   This is obscure.

And consider this message:

"Accessibility turned off in child’s device. "

Now I've only seen that msg once (recent).   I went to the device,  & indeed it was off (though child denies turning it off).   I've turned it on.   Now you'd think that might trigger an alert to say that "Accessibility is now on - all good".   But no, nothing is sent.   This is a deficiency.  But obscure also - because I have no idea how this feature is connected with the monitoring that Norton Family needs to do.

How about documenting in a meaningful way how these features play into Norton Family operation?   And also:

- make clear whether an alert is reporting an "Event" on the device, or a "State" on the device;

- and issue an alert to report an "Event" which returns the device to the state required by Norton Family.

The above would help to make Norton Family more understandable and manageable for parents.




Re: Alerts

Hi @Eau

    Thank you for posting your feedback. We will review the suggestion and consider it for a future release. We appreciate your feedback.

Norton Family team

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