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all history saved but...

hi there

i just went into my norton history files to export and save them just to see for maybe future reference.

they look saved but when i click to open, it tells me the file cannot be opened and to either get help from the web or look for a program on my  list to open it.

thing is, which program opens it?.

im using windows 7.

thanks so much.



Re: all history saved but...

Norton can save the History in two formats:

- mcf: This can be only reopened with Norton Internet Security by clicking on the Import button in the History

- txt: This is a simple text file, can be opened with a lots of programs, like NotePad, Word, WordPad

If you want to open the file without Norton I would suggest you to save the History log in the txt format, then you will be able to open it anywhere.

Let us know the results.

Windows 10 Hungarian, Norton Internet Security v22.9.0.71

Re: all history saved but...

hi-sorted and thank you.

i deleted all the lasts, and started again, this time saving in txt format.

i think thats the best easiest way.

all seems ok now.

thank you for your help papauz!............

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