All Lifelock data lost when I had to login with Norton

When Norton bought out Lifelock I was worried.  I wanted to be sure that all data input stayed there.  It worked for a while, but then when required to do a Lifelock sign in immediately after doing a Norton sign in, the Lifelock, with which I have worked for about 10 years, ceased to contain all the data input.  I had a full Lifelock membership and paid monthly.  I changed the Lifelock password as suggested.  Lifelock username was the same.  Now I can not even get to my original Lifelock but continue to pay monthly.  I'm extremely disappointed with Norton Lifelock and am exploring other options.  I hope this community can offer clues as to how I can find my Lifelock data along with sign in.  I don't believe I'm the only person who had become infuriated by the new process.  Next I will be questioning VPN and how it interfers with other programs, shuts down and then comes back on.  


Accepted Solution

Re: All Lifelock data lost when I had to login with Norton

See this post with LifeLock contact information.

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