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Allow port forwarding rule to be disabled, but remain in the app.

Simple Port Forwarding Feature Request:

Not sure where to send/put this, so I figured here was best. 
One thing I actually really like about the app is being able to access the settings of my network from anywhere.  What this enables me to do is leave all my devices and ports locked down, then when I went to access a device on my network remotely (in this case setup a port forward rule to my plex media server) I can do that, use my services (plex) and then close the port back down when I am done to resecure the network to have no open ports. 

The one annoying thing about this though is that i have to completely re-setup the port forward rule anytime I want to activate the port forwarding. This can be annoying when I have numerous devices I access remotely but do not want to leave active ports open to them 24/7.
It would be nice if we could have portforward rules setup but be able to enable/disable them. 

This way when I am remote and want to access my network I can simply open the app and enable to port forward, and then disable it when I am done. This way I am not having to re set up and delete the entire rule each time.