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Allowing safe program updates through Norton


I'm trying to install a safe program. But keep getting the following error message 'Data Protector blocked a suspicious action by GLB11.tmp'

Despite looking at help files I cannot seem to find a way to disable this protection. I've disabled AutoProtect and Smart Firewall but this didn't work.

Help gratefully received



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Re: Allowing safe program updates through Norton

Data Protector may be objecting to unsigned .tmp files created by known safe program installs/updates.  I've needed to turn Data Protector off to install known safe.   Maybe, try 'Process Exclusions' for known safe. 

Note: Turning off Data Protector reduces your PC protection. 
Norton recommends keeping Data Protector on.

Disable Auto-Protect does not turn off Data Protector. 
Disable Smart Firewall does not turn off Data Protector. 

FAQ: Norton Data Protector

Configure Data Protector to block malicious processes affecting your PC
Data Protector protects your PC from malicious processes that intend to destabilize your PC, corrupt and/or steal your data and propagate the malicious nature to other good processes. You can add more folders, extensions, and can also exclude processes for scanning and protection.

Turning off this feature reduces your PC protection. So, we recommend you to keep this feature turned on always.


Re: Allowing safe program updates through Norton


That worked, thanks ever so much for your help


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