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AMMYY blocked

I don't have a question, or need any suggestions, I just want to thank the idiot that decided to block the downloading of AMMYY remote desktop tool.  This is a legitimate tool that sometimes is used by the bad guys.

With this logic, since a car can run a person over, all car sales should be blocked.

With this logic, since a knife may have cut someone in the past, all knife sales should be blocked

With this logic, since I might stub my toe on a piece of furniture, all furniture sales should be blocked.

With this logic, since fire can burn me, all fires must be banned.

I support my bosses dad, who is 90 years old and 1500 miles away.  Somehow he installed Norton anti virus, and thanks to a very stupid decision on Norton's part, the AV removed AMMYY from his computer and blocks it from downloading.  He is very computer illiterate and can't understand how to turn off download intelligence to allow this download, hence why I use AMMYY to support him.  It's going to take me over an hour to walk him through this, thanks to the IDIOT that flagged AMMYY as harmful.

Norton should be out of business by now, you product is just bad.  The only way Norton AV is still around is that you guys have the computer manufacturers bundle this garbage with new computers.  I can't wait to run the Norton Removal Tool on his computer, if I can ever get in to it again, without traveling 1500 miles.

Let me state this loud and clear, Norton products are GARBAGE.  Symantec web site is very good, and there are many good articles and great technical information on malware, but your product is CRAP, and your decision to block a legitimate program is just stupid bordering on CRAZY

Special thank you to the IDIOT that decided to block the download of AMMYY.  You deserve a special place in H e l l



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Re: AMMYY blocked

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Re: AMMYY blocked

Before you do something you may later regret, consider for a moment that Norton may have this right, as the following seems to suggest:

We noticed in late October that users visiting the Ammyy website to download the free version of its remote administrator software were being served a bundle containing not only the legitimate Remote Desktop Software Ammyy Admin, but also an NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Installation Software) installer ultimately intended to install the tools used by the Buhtrap gang to spy on and control their victims’ computers.


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Re: AMMYY blocked

Hello murphy6761

I don't know whether this is feasible, but if you can walk him through the download & install steps, there's a reputable (& free) remote connection tool which you may want to consider:


Just be sure to get the one for non-commercial use.


Re: AMMYY blocked

you could do a join.me and get on his machine and take care of his PC. All he'd have to do when you connect is click on "Yes" when you request full control. Simple, easy.

That would at least get you on his machine to install a more reputable RDP solution.

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