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Android ID Safe ignores some apps

I have the Norton Identity Safe on my Android phone, and it doesn't seem to recognize some apps. For example, I have the Bank of America app; when I get to the sign-in screen, the radio-head icon appears and I can fetch my password. I also have the Capital One app, and the radio-head icon doesn't show up.

Is there something I can do about this?.



Re: Android ID Safe ignores some apps

I'll bring this thread to the attention of my Norton Contacts. As you can see from this old Product Announcement blog, the specific apps have to be added to the ID Safe database before you can use ID Safe for that app.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Android ID Safe ignores some apps

@JerrySNB Sorry for the inconvenience we have created for you.We have support for set of apps & support for apps given mostly on every release possible.For now the capital one app is not supported yet for the app auto fill. We have noted down for the next release,it would be nice if you could give us the list of apps which you need support for auto fill the app login.

Thank you.


Re: Android ID Safe ignores some apps

That's a tall order. Almost every app I have needs a password. I think this is a complete list. Not all of them would benefit from autofill, but most would.

  1. AAA
  2. AARP Now
  3. ABCBS (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  4. Acronis Mobile
  5. Aldiko Premium
  6. Amazon Kindle (and Kindle for Samsung)
  7. Amazon Music
  8. Amazon Shopping
  9. Amazon Underground
  10. AnkiDroid
  11. AVG Antivirus Pro
  12. Audials
  13. Best Buy
  14. BigY
  15. BoA (Bank of America)
  16. Capital One
  17. Consumers Union
  18. Clark Howard
  19. Costco
  20. CVS
  21. Discover
  22. Epicurious
  23. Evernote
  24. Fidelity
  25. Flipboard
  26. GEICO Mobile
  27. Hartford Courant
  28. Health4Me
  29. IMDb
  30. Instagram
  31. Khan-App Pro
  32. LHO Mobile (United HealthCare Online)
  33. Lumosity
  34. My Account (Xfinity)
  35. Netflix
  36. Nextdoor
  37. Orbi (Netgear Orbi router management)
  38. QuickSupport (Teamviewer client)
  39. Restaurant.com
  40. Staples
  41. Stop & Shop
  42. Teamviewer
  43. TED
  44. Transit
  45. TripAdvisor
  46. U (Cyberlink video chat)
  47. Weatherbug
  48. WebMD
  49. Wikipedia
  50. Yelp and Yelp for Samsung
  51. YouTube

All of the Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Xfinity, and Verizon apps need login credentials, although I usually leave those accounts logged in.

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