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Android security updates

Hi All

It has come to my attention that android phones are unlikely to receive security updates much beyond 2-3 years of their purchase.

I would like to know that if these updates are no longer sent to my phone, can I rely on my norton mobile to protect me in the future without these updates?

I have read many articles, some by android techies and the advice seems to be, "get a new phone".

In fact I have heard that if you buy a new phone on a 2 year contract, which happens NOT to be the latest model, then they know it will stop receiving security updates while still under contract.. e.g. 


and ...It says on that page "Google's policy for its own Nexus/Pixel devices is 3 years of security patches,"

This seems really plain wrong to me, paying for something that is fundamentally insecure. Maybe I should go to Apple, who maintain for at least 5 years?

Any thoughts/advice anyone?





Re: Android security updates

Norton still issues updates to its NMS product. It will protect you as much as the OS version on your device allows. Sometimes, the device updates add or remove functionality that an AV product might use. 

In my case I am using an old HTC phone on Android 4.4.2. So I'm with you in not getting sucked into buying the 'latest and greatest' every 6 to 12 months. I still get all the updates, but NMS does warn me that the device is vulnerable to the Krack vulnerability. Obviously, this device will never see another security update from the manufacturer, so I just have  to be aware of how the vulnerability can be used.  Norton can still help by protecting from any attacks that may target your device.

But remember the best defense is between your ears. Safe surfing habits, including not doing any surfing that involves signing into the web page when using mobile hot spots are the order of the day.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Android security updates

Thanks for your reply, I tend  to keep phones for at least 5 years, and my partner much longer. We always have NMS switched on, and I cannot definitively find out what we are exposed to with active NMS, but an out of date hardware security update. I'll need to research the Krack vulnerability.

Personally, I am probably low risk, I never use unsecured wifi, nor do I use the phone for sensitive web access, such as internet banking,. My  use is limited to email, checking weather, google navigation and the news.


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