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This forum thread needs a solution.

Andy Android Emulator - Marked as Virus (threat) and Removed

Most online forums, and discussions mark it as a perfect program, but Symantec removes it as a threat. To me personally I just go with Norton as I have been using and recommending it as the best Antivirus and Protection software, but I just wanted a confirmation on this one. 

I was searching actively for an alternative to Bluestack to play android games (Farmville2) and need some suggestions that's good on performance and risk free... Please help...!



Re: Andy Android Emulator - Marked as Virus (threat) and Removed

1) for reference > from Norton pop-up > More Details > Copy to Clipboard &/or from Norton Quarantine > More Options > Copy to Clipboard > see information/post information.

2) For second opinion choose File &/or Search hash at VirusTotal &/or submit to Symantec for review analysis > see > How to report false positives.

3) How to post an image in the forums &/or upload/attach Copy to Clipboard file.

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