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Annoying Nag that wont stop


  I have Norton Security Suite (Currently v22.9.0.71) and for months now I get notices a couple times a week nagging me to get Norton Mobile for my phone.  I tried Norton Mobile on my phone once, and it was Horrible.  It bogged down my phone to the point is was almost unusable so I removed it.  Norton on my PC I am fine with, but I KEEP getting these nags a couple times a week. 

I want to stop them and never see them again.

I have turned off the "Special Offer Notifications" setting, but still these nags persist. 

Please tell me how to stop these so I don't have to uninstall this product.

Thank you.




Re: Annoying Nag that wont stop

Hi, Avolow. You can turn off all notifications in Settings, which should stop those pop ups.

The one you've highlighted won't do it. Be sure to restart after you've unchecked the notifications you don't want.

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Re: Annoying Nag that wont stop

Thank you for your reply, but will that turn off the notifications I want/need to see like the virus found notice or malicious software found notices?



Re: Annoying Nag that wont stop

Let's see what our Comcast guru @yank  can add about those notifications.

Often after a few instances of the same notification, there should be a Do not ask again link in the pop up. See if you get one of those.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Annoying Nag that wont stop

Hi Avolow,

Took me awhile searchng, but I vaguely remembered something about the image you posted and finally found it in the following thread:


Please have a read of that thread and see if anything rings a bell.

If you are faced with the similar situation, please see what PaulGo said in this post:


It seems to have only happened for a short period of time when I experienced it, but for some reason, yours is still popping up.

I know it may be more than you desire to do, but I would suggest uninstalling/reinstalling your Norton Security Suite using the instructions in the following NSS FAQ (on the Comcast Security Forums).


Please let us know how things go.

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