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Annoying Norton Pop Up Warning

On a regular basis Norton launches a popup suggesting that my Safari browser is not protected and suggests I click on "fix it" to address the problem.  When I do, I don't get a fix, rather I get an offer to install additional Norton products, extensions or services. Apparently, If I don't accept any of these services, extensions, etc. I'll keep the popup every few days.  There's no way to opt out permanently. Very annoying. Even more annoying is chatting with tech support which can't solve the issue, can't respond in an understandable way and what bump me up to a more senior technician.  I don't understand Norton's annoying behavior.  This would seem like an easy fix because, clearly, the Norton product has been programmed to keep launching the popup whether you want to keep seeing it or not. It should be easy to take action to stop this, but I guess it's more important for Norton to keep annoying me. Anyone else experienced this and/or have any ideas of what to do?  Thanks.



Re: Annoying Norton Pop Up Warning

Hello Norman Schneider

I'm really sorry that your Norton experience was not what you expected. 

Norton is trying to offer safety while our customers access web browsers to provide safe online browsing.

For this reason our product will alert users once in a day if they have not installed the Norton browser extensions that are designed to protect the users on web.

However if product learns that the user is not interested after he dismisses the popup 3 times, ( selecting remind me option ) he will be offered a "No Thanks" option.

Selecting "No thanks" option will help the users to opt out from Norton web protection.

I would still request you to try our web protection extensions, and stay safe on the web.



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