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Another Junk Mail in 360 Question

Since upgrading from ISS to 360 I have had a junk mail problem I cannot seem to solve.  I have Windows 7 and using Outlook from Office 2003.  I have kept a detailed record of each email and taken several action steps, without success.  It all started about the time I tried to block one sender, but have since even deleted that one.  Here are some of the errors I have.

1.  Even though I get an email that correctly goes to a designated folder using Outlook rules, a copy also goes into junkmail, even after I have added the name and email address to the "Allowed Sender" file.

  1a.  I have even checked the "Not Junkmail" tab in Outlook and clicked that it is a trusted sender.

2.  All new senders go to junkmail. 

Client Integration with Outlook is turned on in 360.

I downloaded the latest 360 version 5.0 today, but that did not help either.