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This forum thread needs a solution.

Anti-span stops working every day

Each day I reboot twice (2) and most time Anti-spam will work for the day, if I do not run Norton Utilities 16. Once I have either closed don my PC after work or run Norton Utilities 16 anti-spam will no longer identify spam. If I highlight multiple spams it says it is "Learning" but in a few minutes the same spam comes in it will not catch it (learned nothing@!)

Very frustrating. All Norton products upgraded with latest releases. Using windows XP, Outlook 2007, Norton Internet Ssecurities. Did not happen until latest version installed itself. Been going on for 30 days!

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Re: Anti-span stops working every day

hi Bobbowles

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing problem that Norton Engineers are trying to fix, but it taking some time to sort out.

You may wish to keep an eye on this thread to keep upto date with the difficulties which may be found from the link below and any announcement of a fix:




Re: Anti-span stops working every day

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