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Antispam not filtering e-mails in regular user account

I installed Norton Security on a PC with administrative and regular user's (non-administrative) account. Outlook account is configured differently on these accounts therefore I receive different e-mails (from different accounts on e-mail server) when logged as a regular user or administrator. Anti-spam adds-in has been successfully installed because I see the Norton toolbar in Outlook (in each of user's and administrator account), however this configuration causes problems with anti-spam when running Outlook from the user's account:

1. I am not able to work with the address lists because Anti-spam icon is greyed-out on the ribbon (and is not called).

2. I do not see any spam filtering. All junk e-mails are not identified and they come to inbox. Previously when I had McAfee in the same account configuration it successfully redirected most of junk to the specific folder. Now I have to filter (simply delete) junk e-mails manually - anti-spam does not work at all when running outlook from non-administrator account.  In addition, when I tried to move junk mails to/from junk folder using two other icons from the Norton group on the ribbon, the settings, which control whether the moved e-mail should be sent to Norton, cannot be saved (there is no Save button on this form) therefore I have to select my choice when moving EVERY e-mail to junk folder! The subject line does not change when e-mail is manually moved to/from junk folder.

I believe all these problems are caused by luck of user's account security privileges that Anti-spam requires (for security reasons?!). It looks that anti-spam works only when running Outlook from administrative account. I also tried to run Outlook "as administrator" from the user's account, but obviously, it picks up the administrator settings and communicates with the wrong e-mail account on a server. Does anybody know which privileges anti-spam requires? Can this be done or Norton security prevents this actions because of security :-)?

Any help is highly appreciated.



Re: Antispam not filtering e-mails in regular user account

Additional info: I use Outlook 2013, Norton Security (purchased  the latest version a week ago), and Windows 7 Pro.

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