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This forum thread needs a solution.

Antispam OE Hook Launcher

Hi Guy's,

I started a thread on this subject back on 31 Mar 2019 and see that it is closed for comment though the pop up box is still an ongoing problem on my pc and no fix by Norton is in place. A similar thread by mwtucker dated 14 Apr 2019 on the NIS product forum suggests running Norton Security Autofix as a suggested resolution, however my Autofix scan said that there was no issues with my installation.

I am religiously loading the Symantec Diagnostic Tool sent me by Sunil_GA whenever I start my pc and on these occasions the pop up will not appear. However on the odd time when I have been in a rush and not installed the SDT, or when I have closed the SDT and left my pc running a time before shutting it down the dreaded pop up keeps returning - WHY!

Should I use the Norton Security Remove & Reinstall Tool. Nor have I tried switching off the Anti-spam function but as a contributor to the mwtucker thread said "Is there any support from Norton".

Sunil_GA said on 9 May "Team identified a possible root cause for "Antispam OE Hook Launcher" popup issue and working on a fix. I will update once we get more details on the fix details". How long does it take?


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Re: Antispam OE Hook Launcher

Maybe it is still being investigated ?


Windows 10 Home X 64

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