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Is AntiTrack Vulnerable To Hackers?

I purchased AntiTrack less than a month ago, to run on my Windows 10 system.  Yesterday I received the following notice from Bitdefender, another security package that I have installed:


The file C:\Program Files\Norton AntiTrack\Engine32\\00007005.tmp is infected with Trojan.GenericKDZ.79835. Bitdefender blocked this item, your device is safe.

This indicates that AntiTrack either created, or stored a file with a Trojan in it.  Either is not acceptable, but leaves me questioning if AntiTrack is vulnerable to attack/infection.  I do not need it to be 'attracting' vulnerabilities to my system, so what is going on?

I was given the option to quarantine this file from the AntiTrack directory, but it could not be done, so Bitdefender removed the file from my system.

The particular Trojan is stated to be a high danger to a system, as follows:


Trojan.GenericKDZ belongs to the most treacherous malware category of them all – that of the Trojan horse viruses. As such, Trojan.GenericKDZ is highly dangerous and should be removed immediately from your system.

I have Norton 360 and it did not pick this Trojan up, and AntiTrack stored it!  Both of these are not good, operationally wise!

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