AntiTrak doesn't work on my device

After 6 technicians and 2 supervisors 6 cases on the same issue installing Norton AntiTrack, the tech support told me to not reinstall. In fact they removed the product by uninstalling it (123Rescue) and told me not to reinstall.  I requested a refund and was denied a refund, they disputed with my credit card company despite the terms of the contract which says a customer can ask up to 60 days for a refund. I was unable to use the product and the tech support removed the product from my machine without any resolution. Since the AntiTrak is no longer on my computer what so ever, my computer and norton products outside of the AntiTrak works great. I want a refund of my money, but Norton is refusing to honor their contractual agreement. For what ever reason the product does not work on my machine. I purchased the on January 7th to which neither the techs or level 2 supervisors could resolve the issue. The Norton AntiTrak is not loaded onto my system. Its a piece of crap and waste man hours repairing the issue only to shut off and turn back on the problem reappeared. 

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