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Anybody else this problem (with the cellphone)?


Hello everybody, this is what i tried to send to Symantec by using their e-mail adress posted in the Play Store. Maybe i learned that you cannot send mails to Symantec...


Hello Symantec,
my cellphone is a Samsung A3 (2016) with Android 7. After the update to version, the display jerks when wiping over the homescreen. If I disable the Google Play Advisor in the Norton Mobile Security app, everything is fine. Can you please fix this error.
Many Thanks,
Sven Greve from Germany


Thank you all for your attention


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Re: Anybody else this problem (with the cellphone)?

I posted to your thread in the German forum. 

You need to send logs to Norton from your NMS app. 

Open the NMS app and tap the three bars at the top left. Tap on App Settings, and scroll down to the Logging section. Turn on Enable Debug Log. Then continue using your device until your issue happens again. After the issue has happened, go back to the Debug Log setting and turn it off, then tap on Send Error Report with log files. In your submission include your forum user name and a link to this thread.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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