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Anyone know a good Internet family safety/monitoring program?

Hi, all,

I'm wondering if anyone out there happens to know a good software program that can help keep kids safe on the Internet, and maybe limit the kids' time online and let the parents know when the kids try to visit somewhere they shouldn't. I used to use a program called Norton Safety Minder, which worked fairly well for a while, but as far as I can tell, it no longer seems to be a product supported by Symantec. I've tried updating to the latest version, but when I do, it just tells me that the server is unavailable. It's been this way for weeks now, and it still didn't work when I tried it today.

If anyone knows of a program that can accomplish something similar to what this program used to do, I'd appreciate you letting us know!


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Re: Anyone know a good Internet family safety/monitoring program?

Please try Qustodio (google it) it's free and works well.

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