Anyone know how many comedians work at MSFT&SYMC?

After 35 years with these guys, you almost can feel the vibe from them in their "code".

Not once but more than several times I have been an unwitting actor in their lively hood. Practical Jokes ?

A mathematician, his equation was circular. I said that's not a solution. He said "there's not enough data"

An engineer fly's half way around the globe, gives me a computer virus and says, I thought you'd like that.

An ISP guy gets bored late at night and can tell I fell asleep at the keyboard and turns stuff upside down.

My AV company sets me up with two logins for my one account. One is real and one is fake. Come on guys!

Is it just me or is the world full of people just like Chuck Lorre, and his vanity cards after The Big Bang?

I called them crazy, they called me crazy. Damn them, they out-voted me. Thomas Jefferson....