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App Blocking

I have Norton Family installed on my kid's phone (Android 5.0.2). The problem is that not all apps are in the list of apps to block. The two I specifically noted were Twitter and the Google App. I also can't disable those apps because I can't restrict the use of settings so my son can go to settings and enable the apps. Additionally, the content filter isn't active on the Google App. So anything can be searched including pornography and mature content even if it is blocked in web browsers. 

Is there any way to:

1) Get integral android apps to show up on the list of apps that can be blocked

2) Filter the Google App like the browsers are filtered

3) restrict access to settings to allow me to block apps that way



Re: App Blocking

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the valuable requests.  I'll forward them to the team.

Norton Family currently checks website domain, not individual image.  For now, please select the option “Use strict filter” for Google’s SafeSearch Filtering under “Search settings” link at Google page http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en to see if it helps.



Thanks Katie

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